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"Brodorol" - "Native" and "Mapiau - "Maps" in Welsh, the language of my mother. We ask you to "Walk the Path" with us in honor of my great-great-grandmother, on my father's side, of the Sioux people in the northern USA, Zoe Na Cankuomaniwin Winona "Walks the Path".

BrodiMapi LLC offers educational programs, research projects and digital services for heritage conservation. We specialise in engaging with local and global communities to research conservation issues and create custom, interactive, digital products and tools to help educate people, conserve heritage, and sustainably develop your community for generations to come.

Services include:

- ethnobiological research plus digital plant and animal books/archives

 - user-friendly website design and development for conservation projects and organizations,

 - marketing and management services,

 - digital mapping services for publications and research projects

 -  education and skill-training in web design, development, management and mapping


 - community-based tourism and conservation project planning.

BrodiMapi LLC Services

See below a detailed list of the services we offer

Old Map of Australia


Nature Shot camera
Hikers on mountain
elephant with gazelles
  • Developing an ethnobiological research project including an online plant and animal book

  • Defining and conceptualizing your project

  • Developing your conservation team - stakeholder engagement

  • Implementing your conservation project

  • Measuring and monitoring your outcomes

  • Analysing and adapting your project to produce more sustainable outcomes

  • Long-term management strategies. for your conservation project

Conservation Planning

  • Individual or Community mapping projects

  • Heritage mapping: ancestry, place names, stories, environmental and ecological mapping, cultural mapping, community development/social mapping

  • Fieldwork

  • Data collection, analysis and management

  • Digital mapping on Google, MapInfo Professional and ArcGIS

  • Digital design, photoshop and editing for professional/publication maps

  • Training services


  • Photography, Videography and Editing - Nature, wildlife and travel. 

  • Marketing -  website development using, social media marketing, email marketing and other digital marketing services. 

  • Management -  website and archive management using 

  • Training services.


  • Indigenous, community-based, heritage, wildlife tourism, ecotourism and sustainable tourism development and management consultations

  • Stakeholder engagement and planning - conservation tourism

  • Fieldwork

  • Data collection, analysis and management

  • Survey analysis

  • Networking and partnership opportunities

Contact Us

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Gabrielle McGinnis, Ph.D- Founder and CEO


+1 541 393 7267 - USA Office

+45 91 25 14 82 - Denmark/Europe Office


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Explore the map below to see where BrodiMapi LLC has made an impact in heritage conservation.

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