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BrodiMapi LLC

BrodiMapi LLC is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, but works with clients and stakeholders from around the world in conservation-related projects and fields such as ethnobiology, geography, tourism, environmental sciences and anthropology.


BrodiMapi LLC utilises digital media and mapping technologies to conserve natural and cultural heritage and offers advice on planning conservation and sustainable tourism projects. These projects tend to include maps with multimedia/interactive functions to enhance the educational experience of the heritage maps. Importantly, BrodiMapi LLC focuses on utilising Indigenous, community and/or client-led and based methodologies to conserve local biocultural heritage for long-term.

BrodiMapi LLC's philosophy is centered around creating a collaborative environment with the clients in a manner whereby we learn from one another and provide each other with the necessary skill-sets and knowledge to preserve heritage digitally for long-term conservation and education of future generations.

Please check out our services page for more information about what BrodiMapi LLC has to offer. Give us a call or email us if you want to book a meet and greet or if you wish to chat more about possible collaborations. 




Gabrielle founded BrodiMapi LLC after completing her Ph.D. at the University of Newcastle. She worked closely with the Wagiman community of Pine Creek in the Northern Territory as well as the Aboriginal communities of Southwest Victoria in Australia -  focusing on digital options (mapping and website development) for engagement and empowerment in community-based and Indigenised tourism research, development and management.


BrodiMapi LLC was not apart of these projects, but was founded based upon Gabrielle's PhD fieldwork and specialities. Gabrielle's PhD work with the Wagiman and other Pine Creek residents can be seen in the maps and websites found in the "previous projects" section of this site.

CEO with Teresa a Wagiman Elder
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